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RG Legacy Series

Which ADU package is right for you?

Our tailored ADU packages below contain several floorplans and expertly crafted exterior and interior design options to meet your needs.

The 788 sq. ft. two-bedroom sibling of the Sapling ADU.
One bedroom compact living.
Our larger two-bedroom ADU with optional garage.
Our compact ADU with optional 100 square foot loft.
The larger sibling of the Sage ADU, with an office and powder room,
The compact one-bedroom sibling of the Spruce ADU.


Two Bedrooms with a patio.

Living Area

788 sq ft




One Bedroom

Living Area

644 sq ft




Two Bedroom w/ Garage Option

Living Area

1100 sq ft


49’x33′ and 34.5’x33′


One Bedroom

Living Area

357+ sq ft




One Bedroom w/ office & powder room

Living Area

800 sq ft




One Bedroom

Living Area

560 sq ft




Four different Pods. Infinite Configurations.

Our 336 SF core units serve as a canvas for endless configurations, allowing you to create the perfect space for your needs. Whether you dream of a cozy guest suite, a home office, or a rental property, Studio ModPods offers limitless possibilities. At Studio ModPods, we believe in providing exceptional value without compromising on quality or style.

Curious about how to get started with Designing and Building your own ADU?

Call our expert team for a complimentary consultation! We'll help you set a rough budget and understand our ADU building process. We know there are a lot of decisions to make, and we're here to help! Call us at 360-723-0858 today to get started.


ADUs, or Accessory Dwelling Units, have gained immense popularity in the last decade all over Washington and Oregon, offering budget-friendly options for expanding your property, whether it's for older parents, adult children, teleworking, or even rental/Airbnb income.

If your property meets the ADU criteria and complies with local OR and WA regulations, you're all set to embark on the journey of designing and building your ADU. Contact RG Construction today for professional design and seamless project execution – Let's bring your ADU vision to life!


A Mother-In-Law Suite typically features an independent living space attached to the main structure, complete with common areas such as living rooms and kitchens. These suites are highly sought after for accommodating family members while giving them a space of their own.

When contemplating the addition of a Mother-In-Law suite to your home, consult with a professional like RG Construction for expert design, permitting, and construction services. Include features like a separate entrance and other amenities to enhance its appeal and elevate your home's overall value.

Guest Houses

Discover the epitome of hospitality with RG Construction's exquisite guest houses, designed for the Portland and Southwest Washington area. Our experienced team of design and construction experts crafts custom, inviting, and versatile spaces that integrate seamlessly into your property. When you choose RG Construction for a timely and efficient delivery of a guest house, you provide luxurious accommodations for your visitors while enhancing the value of your home. Welcome guests with warmth and style with our meticulously crafted guest houses, designed to exceed expectations in Southwest Washington and Oregon.


Transform your remote work experience with RG Construction's exceptional backyard offices, tailored for the Portland and Southwest Washington area. Immerse yourself in a seamless process where our expert team crafts custom, stylish, and functional workspaces that seamlessly integrate into the tranquility of your own backyard. With a focus on expertise, customization, and quality materials, we bring your vision to life while embracing the local aesthetic. Choose RG Construction for a timely and efficient delivery of a bespoke backyard office, blending professional productivity with the comforts of nature in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. Elevate your remote work game with us.

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Extend your aging parents’ independence or support your college-educated kids without breaking the bank. Discover the convenience of ADUs and guest houses. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation!

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Tyler - 2023

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