ADUs and Additions

adu and Guesthouses- what are they?

ADU’s (accessory dwelling units), guest houses or “mother in law” quarters offer a unique modern day solution for multi-generational living or rental income.  City, County and State governments are becoming more and more supportive of these alternative / multi family living situations due to the shortage of affordable housing in most American cities.  Loan products are constantly being improved to accommodate this new market as well.

ADU’s and guest houses can now be legally constructed as traditional built real estate on most single family properties – Therefore creating a long term investment rather than an expense or a “temporary” or manufactured building that will depreciate in value.  Call RG to find out what options are available for your property location …

Is it the right solution for your family?

Aging parents are living longer, healthier lives and a lot of them want to remain independent.  Maybe they don’t want to take care of a yard and property anymore but they’re not ready for assisted living and the outrageous cost of that!  Perhaps they want to live near or with family but maintain privacy for all!

OR – maybe your kids are coming back from college with a new degree and lots of student debt?  They don’t have a career underway yet or means to get their own place.  Again, an ADU or guest house solution may allow them to “camp” with you for a bit until they get on their feet and prepare to set out on their own.

Real Estate Investment

Maybe those scenarios don’t apply in your family (at least not yet!) and your simply curious to see if this might be a good way for you to invest in  or improve your real estate portfolio, create additional income – or prepare for these options in the future!  RG has helped many clients navigate the process of designing, permitting and building their unique custom ADU or guest house solution!


ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units) have become very popular over the last decade for a multitude of reasons. Building a smaller structure on your property for older parents, adult children, family or to simply rent/Airbnb are budget friendly approaches to owning additional units. 

If your lot or property qualifies for an ADU and you have the correct county/city requirements, then you are ready to start your process of designing and building your new ADU. For professional, quality designs and seamless execution of your project, call our team at RG Construction today! 


Adding additional square footage to your home is a great alternative to buying a larger home and increases your home value as well. Whether you would like to extend your foundation, add a new room, or finish a basement as additional living space, RG construction can help you decide which option is the best for you and your home. 

Additions are more intrusive compared to building an exterior structure such as an ADU because the construction is taking place right inside of your home. For this reason, it is important to choose a professional, trusted contractor to protect your home, belongings and family. With our experience and support of our community behind us, RG Construction has what it takes to make your dreams a reality in the best ways possible. 

Mother-in-Law Suites

A typical Mother-In-Law Suite consists of a separate living space attached to a main structure. This living can include common areas like living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens. Mother-in-Law Suites are popular for family members and rentals.

If you are considering adding a Mother-In-Law suite to your home, remember to speak with a professional such as RG Construction to design, permit, and build your structure. Providing a separate entrance and other such amenities add additional benefits to the unit, making it more desirable for renters as well as increasing your overall home value.  

Finished Basement

Finishing your basement is a great and cost-effective solution to adding livable square footage to your home. This process is usually a much easier option as opposed to extending your foundation and framing new walls. Finishing your basement can consist of installing new flooring, adding a bathroom, new kitchen area/bar and/or additional sleeping areas. 

Not only will finishing your basement add additional home value, it will increase the size of your home in a non-intrusive manner.  If you are considering finishing your basement, feel free to give us a call to jump start the design, permit and build process. 

In-house Drafting and designs

Having an in-house design team with the ability to create custom construction plans for Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) is valuable asset to have. ADUs are increasingly popular as versatile living spaces and present lucrative opportunities in the real estate market. With our in-house design team, we gain control over the entire process, from conceptualization to implementation. We can collaborate closely with you, understanding your specific needs and preferences, and create customized ADU designs that optimize space, functionality, and aesthetics. This streamlined approach allows for efficient communication and coordination between our design team, construction teams, and you, ensuring a smooth and seamless construction process. Additionally, having an in-house design team eliminates the need to outsource design services, saving time and costs, while maintaining high-quality standards throughout your ADU construction project.

Plans to Reality Examples

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Whether you are a homeowner or a potential home buyer, it can be beneficial to have a comprehensive understanding of accessory dwelling units (ADUs). An ADU is becoming an increasingly popular option for homeowners who are seeking to increase the value of their property, generate passive income, or provide accommodation for family members or guests. These separate living quarters are usually located in the backyard, converted basement, or an attached or detached room in the main house. Depending on the local zoning regulations, you may be limited in the type and size of ADU that you can construct. However, if you are considering building an ADU on your property, there are many things to keep in mind: cost, logistics, and regulations. But the benefits of owning an ADU are undeniable, so take some time to explore your options and discover the true potential of these versatile living spaces.

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